1942: John McMullen and Gert Cole celebrate their 50th

Photo of the Family of John and Gertrude McMullen (Effie "Gert" Cole), taken on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary  on June 18, 1942 at the Court St. Restaurant, in Saginaw, MI.

Source: Dave Swayze 2010. Click here for a larger version.

This photo was taken about a year after Marian Pearson's death in July 1941.  Missing are her twin daughters Joyce and JoAnn McMullen, who were by then attending a Catholic boarding school in Grand Rapids. Marcel McMullen is the handsome devil labeled 'G', seated alongside his three sons.

Historical note: This was only a few weeks after the monumental American naval victory over the Imperial Japanese fleet at the Battle of Midway, from June 4-7 1942, in which four Japanese aircraft carriers were sunk and the tide of the Pacific War turned in the favor of the Americans. Midway was considered by some historians to be the most stunning victory in the history of naval warfare, comparable to Nelson's victory at Trafalgar in 1805 and the Japanese victory over the Russian fleet at the Battle of Tsushima in 1906. It certainly was the fastest; in about five minutes American naval aviators completely changed the course of the Pacific war.


A - Mildred Klemm McMullen - Wife of George
B - Mary Katharine McMullen - Daughter of George and Mildred
C - George B McMullen - Son
D - Jim McMullen, son of Marcel and Marian McMullen
E - William Burns, Jr. - Son of William and Laura Burns
F - Tom McMullen - Son of Marcel and Marian
G - Marcel McMullen - Son
H - John McMullen, Son of Marcel and Marian
I - Carl France - Husband of Carmen Burns
J - Carmen Burns - Daughter of William and Laura
K - George F McMullen - Son of George and Lillian Bellinger McMullen
L - Maxine Burns - Daughter of William and Laura
M - Marie McMullen - Wife of George McMullen, Jr.
N - Marjorie McMullen - Daughter of George  and Lillian McMullen
O - Nellie Snyder Cole - Wife of Andrew Jay Cole
P - Andrew Jay Cole - Brother of Gertrude Cole McMullen
Q - William H Allswede - Brother-in law of Gertrude McMullen
R - Gertrude Cole McMullen
S - John McMullen
T - Lola Allswede - Wife of William Allswede
U - Winifred Cole Allswede - Sister of Gertrude Cole McMullen
V - Fred Allswede - Husband of Winifred Cole Allswede
W - Mary Sobol McMullen - Wife of Andrew McMullen
X - Laura McMullen Burns - Daughter
Y - Marie Sterling McMullen - Wife of Wilson McMullen
Z - Wilson McMullen - Son
AA - William Burns - Husband of Laura McMullen Burns
BB - Nellie McMullen - Daughter
CC - Andrew J. McMullen - Son
DD - Victoria McMullen - Daughter
EE - Andreah Cole Archer - Daughter of Andrew Jay Cole
FF - Maude Archer - Daughter of Andreah Archer
GG - Robert Brasseur - Son of Benjamin and Isabel McMullen Brasseur
HH - Isabell McMullen Brasseur - Daughter
II - Valerie Brasseur - Daughter of Isabell and Benjamin

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