National Line Steamships

The following is from an advertising card issued by the New York agent about 1880:

National Line, Passenger Steamships. Comprising Twelve of the largest ocean steam-ships (belonging to the company) in the Atlantic Service, leaving the port of New York, the aggregate tonnage of which amounts to 52.666 tons.

These passenger Steamers have been constructed in the best manner, at the most celebrated Ship-Yards in Great Britain. They are built of iron and steel, in water tight and fire-proof compartments, are of unusual strength and power, and magnificently equipped. They are rated among the finest in the World. As these Steamers are of the largest class, and of remarkable steadiness at Sea, Passengers are not so liable to sickness or discomforts.

The Salons and Staterooms are very spacious and cheerful; finely lighted and ventilated, and elegantly furnished. The Table will compare favorably with that of the best Hotels in England. Ladies Boudoir-also Piano, Library, Smoking, and Bath Rooms, etc. A Surgeon, Stewards, and Stewardesses on every Steamer. Medicine and attendance free.

The Steerage is large, light and airy, and warmed by Steam in winter. Married couples and families are berthed together; Single persons placed in separate rooms. Meals are served regularly three times a day by the Ship's Stewards, and consists of an unlimited quantity of good and wholesome provisions, put on board under the inspection of the Company's Purveyor. Plenty of fresh drinking water. The care of Surgeon and Stewards free.

Saloon, $50, $60, $70,..Excursion, $100, $110, $120
Steerage, to Scandinavian or German Ports, - $32
Steerage, from Scandinavian or German Ports, - $30
Steerage, from or to Principal Ports in Great Britain, - $26

For Passage, Plans of Saloons, Dates of Sailing, Drafts, etc., Apply to the Local Agents or to
F. W. HURST; Manager,
69, 71 and 73 Brodway, New York

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