In Gratitude

Joyce McMullen Dark, my mother, for sharing my interest in family history and for so many other things. She was the first to collect much of the information from various sources and organize it into binders.

Mary T. Painter (Pearson) came up with the information on James Pearson and Celia Roach, and background on our German ancestors the Schutz/Beyers. Mary also gathered many of the photos that appear on this site.

Mary Louise "Sally" Sobol, for her tireless and persistent information-gathering over the years that made it so much easier for those who followed

Margaret Cadigan McMullen who my grandfather Marcel McMullen married a few years after Marian Pearson died at age 35. It was grandma whose cooperation with Marcel's sister Mary Ellen (Nellie) helped launch this project.

JoAnn McMullen Lee, my mom's twin sister, for the bio of her mother Marian Pearson and all her warm family support over the years.

Les Lambert (Cole) for his research and photos on the early Coles which takes us well back into the 19th century.

Dave Swayze (McMullen/Cole) for his great collection of John McMullen-Gert Cole documents and his generosity in sharing them.

Cathy Mossano (Bartlett) whose digging produced a family link to the 2nd signer of the Declaration, Josiah Bartlett and publications tracing the Bartletts all the way back to a Norman invader. She also helped uncover our link to George Jacobs, the family "wizard" burned at Salem.

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